Station Q at ETH Zurich

The researchers of Station Q at ETH Zurich work on a wide variety of topics, ranging from the design of materials for topological qubits to applications of quantum computers. At the most fundamental level we search for the material with just the right properties for realising a topological quantum bit.

We explore and design candidate materials with a combination of first-principles simulations and first-principles derived tight-binding models. Scaling up from bulk materials, tight-binding models allow us to efficiently simulate material interfaces in the nano-scale region. This builds up to a quantitative understanding of devices where we use self-consistent Schroedinger-Poisson calculations to make predictions for particular devices and guide experiments.

Compiling quantum algorithms to machine instructions we work closely with experimentalists on interfacing quantum codes to actual quantum devices. Our goal here is to perform a wide variety of quantum algorithms on small scale devices in the near future and make quantum computing a reality.

On the quantum algorithm front we explore both early applications for early noisy quantum devices and investigate promising future uses of larger fault-tolerant quantum computers. We exploring the potential of new application areas on quantum computers and develop optimized quantum algorithms for interesting application problems.

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Located in Zürich, Switzerland

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Matthias Troyer
Matthias TroyerFull Professor for Computational Physics