Station Q Sydney: Quantum Nanoscience Laboratory and Centre for Quantum Machines

Station Q Sydney and the Quantum Nanoscience Laboratory are part of the Centre for Quantum Machines, directed by Professor David Reilly at the University of Sydney. We are a group of physicists and engineers addressing the challenges of scaling-up quantum computing. Much of our work relates to the interface between quantum systems and their specialised classical control and readout hardware. Our research is exploring many of the engineering challenges for reading out and controlling qubits in scaled-up architectures. In addition, we are developing specialised instrumentation and tools needed to undertake the next generation of quantum experiments, such as high-speed cryogenic electronics. The facilities at Sydney include purpose built laboratories and cleanrooms for nanofabrication and quantum science.

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  -33.887960, 151.187531

Located in Sydney, Australia

Meet our team

Professor David Reilly
Professor David ReillyDirector
Professor David Reilly is an experimental physicist working at the interface of quantum science, nanoscale condensed matter systems, and cryogenic electronics and hardware.

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Dr. Torsten Gaebel
Dr. Torsten Gaebel Postdoctoral Researcher
Dr. John Hornibrook
Dr. John Hornibrook Postdoctoral Researcher